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Confidential client

  • 1,650 sqm
  • 17,760 sqft
  • Europe

Italy, Turin

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

Financial consultancy and multinational investment bank in Turin needed a space to accommodate 170 employees.

After acquiring a new and functional space in the iconic industrial area of Turin, the multinational financial group left their old workplace in the historic city centre to accommodate their ever-growing staff.

The new space is positioned on one single floorplate with impressive floor-to-ceiling windows along the main facades. The natural light has been emphasised to brighten the area and promote openness throughout the space.

The office is fitted with soft pink nuances combined with materials and textures in natural colour palette. Light pastel shades of pink and grey elements mixed with a bold green colour were incorporated in the furniture and walls with mirrors along the front wall in the bistro-inspired kitchen and
breakout area.

The team at Unispace delivered meeting rooms of different sizes for multiple
purposes, informal areas, boarding room and booths located in different areas of the space.

To reflect the informal and welcoming kitchen area, high tables and chairs, an oval counter in glossy lacquer, and sofa were integrated, creating a meeting point for staff to efficiently utilise the space. 

Borderless workstations were installed along the 180 degree open space facades, with staff lockers along the corridors to avoid the traditional use of desk drawers.

By keeping items in lockers, desks can easily be kept clear, ready for the next
person to use. This arrangement allows staff to collaborate across teams by
occupying a desk via the company’s centralised booking system.

Desks are positioned throughout the office with sound-absorbing panels. Each section is separated by a collection of phone booths, designed with a wooden exterior and solid black framing for a modern look.

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