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  • 2,900 sqm
  • 31,200 sqft
  • Europe

France, Lille

  • Design
  • Delivery

As part of their global goal to ‘build a better working world’, EY’s office was updated to incorporate an open-plan layout and collaboration.

In order to increase space flexibility and accommodate future growth, Unispace was contracted to create a much more open-plan office while retaining the intimacy of teams.

The brief was to modernise and refurbish two and a half floors of existing office space in Lille. The previous space was heavily sectioned with solid partitions that created one long corridor looping each floorplate. With a real disconnect between departments and floors, this meant any changes in team headcount were difficult to accommodate.

EY was keen to increase cross-team collaboration, while reducing enclosed
offices and improving the flow of natural daylight. By introducing open-plan working, the space became part of EY’s global goal ‘to build a better working world’.

Interestingly, the irregular shape of the building was an interesting challenge to work with and drive maximum efficiency. Throughout the design, we managed to introduce over 10 different types of new work settings into the office space. These spaces include booths, informal break-out settings in the dining area and enclosed meeting rooms for privacy.

The experience within this space creates a balance of quiet work space and a bustling social hub, conducive to connection and collaboration. The space can now naturally bring together the EY community, visitors and clients. The office’s new look and feel is clean, fresh, contemporary and a physical embodiment of EY’s brand, specifically designed to match the creativity, energy and confidence of EY’s global workforce.

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