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Commercial interior design
2021 Trends

Our top 6 trends for commercial interior design

Since early 2020, the entire world has seen a workplace revolution. So how does this affect commercial interior design trends in 2021? When fads and experiments have died away, what legacy will COVID-19 leave on office design?

Here are our top 6 predictions for how we think the office is adapting to the future, and why commercial interior design should be driving the entire workplace strategy – in the office, in the home and in remote locations.


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Hybrid working

It's here to stay

Most employees now want to spend at least 2 days a week at home or remotely, working wherever they can best complete the task at hand.

The impact of remote working is that office space is either shrinking or being repurposed, and hot-desking, hot-officing, coworking, and hubs and spokes are increasingly popular.

For many workers, the local community offers more appeal than the CBD, and their wellbeing improves when they immerse themselves in it. They love not having to commute, and believe the planet is better for it.

Experience based working

We're evolving ABW

It’s clear that the office shouldn’t be a place where people have to be, but where they go to make great things happen. That might be problem-solving, innovation, or enjoying the social aspects of work.

We’re pointing out that the office should be where people come for an experience before leaving again.

While in the building, instead of moving between office spaces according to task they’ll choose spaces which offer curated experiences. Overall, the office is feeling more alive, energetic and purposeful.


Roots not suits

When people do come to the office, they want to feel more comfortable and relaxed than ever before.

They want to pop out into the world for breaks, not be hermetically sealed in. They want a connection with the neighborhood, and a choice of amenities to hand. In fact, they want what they’ve got used to having at home.

If they can’t get this feeling in the office, they’ll find reasons not to come in. So at Unispace, we create commercial interior designs which make people want to be in the office. It’s the power of purpose


Enabling technology

Increasingly invisible

Our commercial interior design is alive to all the technology that can create a superb office experience.

From smart sensors managing your occupancy to the increasingly extraordinary possibilities of smart buildings. From digital concierges to apps that open your locker, find your colleagues, book rooms and order your lunch.

The right technology creates the ideal environment, working in ways people don’t even need to know about. It de-glitches their day and just helps them keep going.


We're in this together

The world was probably getting there anyway, but the pandemic has catapulted us all into being more human, now.

At one time, the approach was top-down: the enterprise was everything. Now, it must accommodate a new focus on teams and individuals. People are looking for human connection – indeed, for humanity.

Individuals want more control over where, when and why they should come to the office. These are critically important questions for commercial interior design.


Local personality

Although (and perhaps because) we provide our services across the globe, we know the importance of a workplace that’s rooted in its local context.

With participation from in-country employees and deep understanding from local Unispace teams, we create commercial interior designs which reflect the setting, respect the culture, and help to support the local economy.

The result is always a unique workplace with a great sense of ownership from those who work there.

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