5,100 sqm
54,900 sqft


Partnering with our team in London, GfK integrated agile working principles into their new workplace—consolidating footprint whilst curating energetic environments across two locations, including iconic Canary Wharf.

GfK is the fourth largest market research organisation in the world, with 13,000 market research experts serving over 100 countries. 

The client partnered with our team in London to develop its agile offices in Canary Wharf and Woking. Their brief was to consolidate three existing locations into two, reducing the overall space occupation. Working within Canary Wharf’s iconic 25 Canada Square Building, this workplace required exacting standards of design approaches, QHSE and environmental certification. 

Whilst reducing overall footprint, our teams were able to balance demand with forward-thinking design approaches. We curated dynamic working environments between the two locations with varied settings, including a 7:10 desk sharing ratio.

Determining the 7:10 desk sharing ratio was achieved through an in-depth Strategy phase with GfK. This phase included development of a pilot area, a space utilisation study and an online Spacedata survey. By introducing agile working principles, GfK delivered a new, energetic work environment for staff and clients alike. 

Our Think Create Make methodology enabled GfK to save over 35% on floor space and reduce operating costs of real estate by 41%. Since the project, we have continuously built on our relationship and have become GfK’s preferred design partner. 

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