1,700 sqm
18,299 sqft


Global engineering company, Golder undertook Unispace’s full methodology to create a space that reflected their DNA. A workplace that supports their drive to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and reflects their well established place in the global market.

Their goal was to create a space where their internal relationships could thrive and where employees were inspired to work and collaborate. We know that every business is different and, to truly understand Golder and develop the right settings for their staff, we embedded workplace strategy into the design process by engaging with their leadership team and assessing their current ways of working to inform what best suited their future layout, and workplace culture.

Originally located in St Leonards, Golder’s offices were dark and cellular and teams were spread across multiple floors, making collaboration difficult. Golder wanted to make sure their new space had a flexible central hub that supported both work and leisure and could function as a place for people to eat, have informal meetings, and to hold events in. Their relocation to North Sydney allowed them to redesign their space around this central hub, on a single floor, featuring open office sections, breakout spaces for team work and small closed offices for quiet work. These spaces are all flooded with natural light and wide city views.

To reflect Golder’s close association to the natural environment and their projects across the country and the globe, a warm colour palette featuring red and yellow was selected to reflect the Australian desert, juxtaposed with blue and green, representative of the water and sky. Their environmental mindset and value on sustainability was also considered in the design, with Unispace able to recycle 60% of the furniture from the previous tenant for use in their new space.

Our team delivered the project smoothly, meeting all target milestones along the way, with the end result being warmly praised by Golder staff. Their space is now bright, open and functional and is a place their team can be inspired to do their best work.

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