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35,600 sqft
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Adopting a new agile way of working across its call-centre operations, IAG has embarked on a transformational journey to align its workplace with the future direction of the company.

In an unprecedented move for the insurance group, IAG made the decision to transition wholly from assigned desk seating to Auckland-wide agility when it consolidated its seven Auckland premises into two key campus hubs.

IAG recognise that people are crucial to the success of its business, and they wanted to create a workplace that respects their employees and provides a view to the potential career pathways within the business. The project objectives revolved around improving wellness outcomes, delivering greater staff and customer experience and mutlidiscipline collaboration.

Unispace supported this vision by performing an intensive workplace strategy which allowed for broad engagement across the employee group. The findings from our SpaceData Survey, Utilisation Study and Transit Impact Report identified that IAG staff were open minded and enthusiastic to workplace change. From these datasets we were able to estimate how many staff would use either site as their primary base and a final workplace model, giving IAG confidence that making the move to agile working was both what its staff wanted, and was right for their business.

Moving to north and south hubs, employees have flexibility to work across both; as well as to work from home. The strategy for the design is absolute flexibility. Teams are located in neighbourhoods, assigning them areas of the floorplate as opposed to fixed desk settings. Teams are co-located according to their relationship, for example how their roles in the business overlap or their noise and activity levels.

The concept for the campus draws strongly on the IAG brand. Connecting all floors with inter-level stairways and brand iconography and colours. Bringing the business together, terraced presentation spaces known as ‘Campfires’ are positioned at the heart of each floor to provide large gathering spaces, while increased meeting and collaboration spaces accommodate smaller groups.

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