5,500 sqm
60,000 sqft


TechTarget hired Unispace to help them consolidate from three floors to two in an effort to better use their space and create a more collaborative environment for staff. 

To help the consolidation, our design team reduced each person’s individual footprint from high-walled individual 6x6 cubes to full open plan benching. While each person still has a dedicated workstation, the open plan only features a handful of offices. 

Workspace is broken up with a variety of collaboration spaces featuring lounge furniture as well as tables and chairs that enable employees to get up and move away from their desk. 

The consolidation from three floors to two involved closing up the top half of an interconnecting stair which involved substantial construction intervention. The connection between the first and second floors was left open to enable easy movement and interaction between floors.  

TechTarget also wanted to expand their café and create a welcoming space with a residential vibe where employees could have lunch together or meet throughout the day. Designed to feel like a bustling street cafe, the space has a variety of seating options including booths, sofas, high top tables and standard café tables that give employees a diverse range of places to eat or meet. The exposed ceiling and new lighting give the space a completely new vibe for staff. 

We designed the space with the future in mind. The newly implemented plan fits the roughly 500-person headcount they have now, but is designed to easily expand to accommodate future growth. Current open collaboration spaces can easily be converted into workstations as staff count increases. 

To freshen up and brighten the space, we brought in crisp colors such as white, grey and blues that fit their brand. 

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