540 sqm
5,800 sqft


The Trustees’ addition connects employees and visitors to the company’s mission.

As the country’s first preservation and conservation organization, The Trustees is a nonprofit that works to protect landscapes and landmarks throughout Massachusetts. The Trustees hired our design and construction team to expand their current workspace—creating an environment that connects employees and visitors to the natural and cultural places they care for.

The new addition adds 37 new workstations, enlarges the existing café, creates a large boardroom and relocates the reception area. The new reception area is centrally located, giving visitors a separate and inviting space to sit while they wait.

Designed to budget, the workspace creatively uses materials and graphics to connect employees and visitors to The Trustees’ mission. Green in the carpet and paint recall the logo, large graphics throughout depict places they have preserved, and the wooden wall in the reception area features reclaimed wood from one of their project sites. Together, these elements create a new workspace that embodies The Trustees’ purpose.

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