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Unispace London

  • 1,300 sqm
  • Europe

London, United Kingdom

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery
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Our new borderless EMEA headquarters in London gives staff a sense of pride with a focus on collaboration and wellness in a home away from home.

Coming from a previously owned building of five floors with small floorplates, our teams were siloed and unable to focus, collaborate or communicate effectively.

Our new headquarters has an envious view of Tower Bridge and is across two floors, seamlessly blending hospitality into the workplace. We’ve adopted a truly borderless approach using our methodology and promoting staff coming together, maximising the best balance of happiness and productivity.

Level 04 - Bringing people together in a work environment that suits every need

The fourth floor is the main working space with flexibility in mind. Staff can choose an environment that suits their needs and work style including booths, high stools, low sofas, boardrooms, benches and focus pods. The result is a markedly strengthened culture and workflow.

Connectivity is paramount and each meeting space, plus our Hive events space, is equipped with high quality technology to effortlessly connect with clients and Unispace studios around the world.

The cafeteria is the life of the studio where staff are encouraged to leave their desks to eat and socialise. The biophilia opens up the space to feel homely and welcoming.

Level 05 - Blending hospitality with office space to create an experience for our clients

On the top floor, one floor above the main office, is our client-first space. It’s designed for informal meetings, formal presentations and entertaining, blurring hospitality with a professional work space.

The working lounge area is for collaboration with a large table allowing employees to focus or clients to work remotely if desired.

The bar area at the opposite end is for socialising and hosting events. The design of the space is tied together with the amazing views on the terraces allowing clients and staff to come together in the same space for the best experience.

Overall, this bold, energetic space seamlessly blends with the design of
our working fourth floor and the elegant hospitality-led fifth floor to bring our culture and process into sharp focus.

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