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The shift to the suburbs:

Accelerating trends and the future of the workplace 

Plan your workplace strategy with our location guide 

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Plan for your future work environment

Working patterns have shifted, influencing how and where we work. Real estate strategies will need to evolve from urban offices to a broader range of alternatives, including the suburbs.

Are you asking yourself these questions?

  • How can I incentivize staff to return to the office?
  • Should I reconsider my office footprint or repurpose space?
  • Should I reevaluate my office location or consider a hybrid strategy?

Learn how you can use location to plan your path forward.

Align your business needs with your people needs

The resurgence of the suburbs has been a growing trend as workers move from urban centers in favor of more space, affordability, and conveniences. 

Use location strategies to create business resiliency:

  • Understand how and where space is best used
  • Adopt distributed and agile working through hybrid models
  • Increase operational efficiencies and cost savings
  • Gain access to new talent and retain existing talent with flexible options

Learn how you can future proof your real estate portfolio.

Develop your workplace strategy

Companies will need to be prepared to adapt to a new workplace dynamic, providing choice, amenities, and safety for their people.

Propeller, our framework for the future workplace can help you:

  • Adapt to different industries and businesses
  • Seamlessly blend remote and in-office working
  • Use space efficiently to maximize the productivity of every individual and every type of work

Learn how you can create a hybrid work environment for the future.