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Unispace Group strengthens its experience design offering, acquiring luxury hospitality interior architecture and design firm, G.A Group

London-based luxury interior architecture and design firm G.A Group has joined Unispace Group. This move follows a strategic partnership formed over the past year that gave both our companies and clients access to our combined service offerings, knowledge, resources and global reach. This is the second design-focused company the business welcomes in the less than three years, following acquisition of global experience design agency, Downstream in 2021. Given the affinity with Unispace Group’s Downstream business, and opportunities for client collaboration, Unispace Group has appointed Tim Canfield, Downstream’s current CEO, to lead the integration of G.A Group.    

This is another significant step for Unispace Group’s experience design (XD) credentials, recognising the market demand for XD is surging, this acquisition provides their clients access to an integrated service offering, diverse set of world-class design acumen, and global reach in the rapidly growing hospitality and experience design sectors. With a holistic integrated approach that weaves physical and digital together artfully across the entire user journey, to deliver the future of hospitality and branded experiences.

Experience design is transforming how businesses immerse people in a brand and physical space; from sports stadiums infusing luxury hospitality to deliver a better fan experience, to hotels and workplaces elegantly blending digital and physical design into built environments to heighten experience and increase revenue.

G.A Group and Downstream work directly at this point of integration and inflection – G.A Group in luxury interior design for the world’s most renowned hotels, such as The Four Seasons, Rosewood, 1Hotels, Shangri-La, and Atlantis The Royal, Downstream as experience design partner for the world’s most innovative corporate and sports brands such as Google, Microsoft, Tennessee Titans, KPMG, and Zoom.

Group CEO at Unispace Group, Justin Tydeman said: “The Experience Age is transforming how we spend; the value afforded to consumers by experiences continues to eclipse goods, with more people opting to spend money on experiences over things – the global luxury travel market alone accounted for USD $1.4tn in 2022 and is projected to reach USD $3.3tn by 2032*. This brings exciting opportunities for Unispace Group, continuing to cultivate and bring next generation creativity and innovation to our global portfolio of clients. This creates a new, one-of-a-kind offering for our clients, and expands our reach to new audiences – world-class designers, global reach, and reputation for creating spaces that spark brilliance in the people who use them. Together, we’re able to deliver more, and better, solutions for our clients – across sectors and global locations.”

CEO at Downstream, Tim Canfield said: “The G.A Group and Downstream offerings are entirely complementary but also truly unique; their design calibre and hospitality experience and our combined focus on leading edge experience design solutions will help us deliver in a powerful way, globally. It’s a great partnership, which will elevate and amplify the client offering for our clients – from Zoom and Google through to the Four Seasons and 1 Hotels.”

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