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Drawing on our global perspective on what is happening across different countries across the world, our workplace experts have developed thoughts, tips and strategies for getting you and your teams through the constant change. 

Understanding the new normal: the view from our clients

May 6, 2021

Welcoming Belinda Scott to our APAC team in Singapore

May 6, 2021

TECHscape: Workplace solutions beyond a one-size-fits all model

May 5, 2021

Think Safe: Putting our words into actions

May 3, 2021

Inside Boston Scientific’s new hybrid workplace in Singapore

Apr 29, 2021

TECHscape: Using office location to your advantage

Apr 28, 2021

Former JLL exec John Forrest joins as board advisor

Apr 26, 2021

Is the office back? Reimaging the workplace in a post-Covid-19 environment

Apr 26, 2021

What's next: The latest strategies to rethink, recreate, and reengage your workplace

Apr 23, 2021

Using an integrated approach to seamlessly move construction projects forward

Apr 15, 2021
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