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March 24, 2020

Making the best of our remote working reality

In the spirit of Women's History Month, our conversation about #BetterforBalance in the workplace continues, focusing on inspiration and qualities which drive success.

We resume our discussion of gender balance and company culture through the lens of the International Women's Day #BalanceforBetter movement and celebrating Women's History Month.

In the second of our two-part series, we further the discussion from part one by inviting additional team members to share their opinions around female influence in the construction industry, and how Unispace works to break the mould. If you'd like to join the conversation about workplace culture, speak to one of our team today. 


What makes for a top performing workforce? 

Doug Taylor-Saunders - Senior Associate, Client Relations

For a top performing workforce, collaboration and a common goal are crucial. By creating a focus on the importance of shared objectives, we encourage a group effort across all disciplines and teams which strives towards the success of the business, as well as personal growth for all. 

Angela Mullarkey - Senior Associate, Strategy

Humility, trust and respect prevail. At Unispace, we offer an end to end solution full of co-creation. Individuals and teams work collaboratively across strategy, design and delivery. This approach adds value to clients, by bringing knowledge, experience and innovation to the process. We challenge convention, enabling effective outcomes.

Godwin Nsibandze - Business Development Manager

A top performing workforce should put an emphasis on structure, communication, purpose, growth mentality, and supporting your teams short-term and long-term goals. These are the building blocks for ultimate success. 

Natasha Bonugli - Regional Principal, Design 

Communication, collaboration, the right skills, clear direction and decisiveness. These are the top 5 ingredients. At Unispace we are nimble and must adapt our days to suit the variety of projects and opportunities that arise. It is essential that we have a good communication flow between the teams to deliver our projects for clients. 

Do you have a female role model? Who inspires you? How has that influenced your involvement with our industry? 

Godwin Nsibandze - Business Development Manager

Yes – my mother on both. The direct influence/transient skills are in her ability to adapt and evolve to any given problem. She has a fearless approach to challenging situations, ambition, constant re-education and empathy that inspires me and has influenced how I approach my own career. 

Jose Kleemans - Principal, Delivery 

One of my role models is Zaha Hadid who did some ground-breaking work. Designing magnificent buildings, in a highly male-dominated industry. She really needed to stand up for herself to convince the world about her often-challenging design, that no one ever believed could be built. And it has been! 

Doug Taylor-Saunders - Senior Associate, Client Relations

I have worked with many influential and inspiring women over the years, so choosing one is a difficult task. All have had their strengths and challenges, but by being able to identify them and vocalise them to a broader group or team, has always made for an honest and inspiring environment to work in.


At Unispace, we believe in our people, both current and future. Our commitment to a diverse, inclusive environment creates a top performing workforce where people are inspired and at their full potential. It enables us to provide fresh perspectives to our clients, and challenge the conventions of the way we work.

We invite you to speak with one of our team about how your workplace culture and environment can be supported by our Think Create Make methodology.