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Downstream joins Unispace

Global experiential design firm Downstream joins Unispace to blend the intersection of physical and digital in a post-pandemic world.

Work is no longer a place, it’s an experience. In this moment when global business is still captivated by the future of work, Unispace is rising above the talk, and taking action. 

To enhance our ambitious growth plans, we have acquired Downstream, a global expert in experiential design. The firm has delivered industry-leading spaces integrating interactive digital and physical experiences in global tech hubs, flagship retailers, major sports venues, education spaces, and other public and private destination environments around the world. 

This partnership broadens our capabilities and adds significant new services and expertise, allowing us to better support our clients. Together, we provide agile, end-to-end experiences fit for today’s ever-changing global brands. 

See how our joint vision is taking shape: 


A post-Covid landscape

Covid-19 has transformed the workplace landscape and the way people work. Now more than ever workplaces must be about people, and the experiences they provide. We have led the way in guiding our clients’ office strategies with Propeller, our framework for the future workplace. Now, with Downstream, we have significant new hires across the globe and can better partner with enterprise clients and provide the ultimate answer to what’s next for workspaces and beyond.

Steve Quick, CEO of Unispace sees the value add to our business and our clients: “Work is no longer just a place; the focus is experience. Downstream’s team and approach enhances our ability to empower our clients with the most impactful environments for their most valuable asset: their people. This is our commitment to rising above the talk and to taking action.”  

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Melbourne, Australia, Downstream has a global Fortune 100 client list. They add deep expertise in the branding and design of spaces and creating unique experiences for people. In this time of intense business transformation, adding experiential design to Unispace’s integrated workplace approach will help deliver what today’s employees and customers demand: exciting brand focused environments.  

Tim Canfield, CEO of Downstream is excited for what’s next with this new partnership: “We have worked with Unispace for several years, and we’re excited to integrate our teams to bring our shared expertise to this moment of opportunity: the reinvention of space as we know it. Today’s employees and customers want experiential and brand focused environments that draw them in for collaboration, socialization and connection. Together, we can deliver that in a powerful way.”  

What does this mean for our clients? 

For our clients, it will be business as usual – plus the extra benefits of Downstream’s expertise. This will allow us to expand our offerings, enabling us to provide a richer, broader set of services in one seamless, end-to-end experience, faster and smarter than competitors. 

 How has the pandemic environment evolved our plans for growth and expansion?  

Despite the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, Unispace had a very strong first half of 2021, propelling the business globally. The acquisition will expand the Unispace presence on the U.S. West Coast, adding Downstream’s Portland office to Unispace’s existing studios in San Diego, San Francisco, and Seattle.  

“Our global growth strategy is focused on enhancing our ability to position clients to thrive in our new environment, and the acquisition enables us to combine world-class experiential design expertise with our integrated approach to strategy, design and construction. We also share values; both of our cultures inherently embrace change, with a commitment to innovation, DE&I, corporate citizenship, and a genuine passion for the people-centered experiences we are creating,”

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