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May 12, 2020

The new now: A brave new world demands bold new ideas.

Delivering end to end solutions

We are living and working in unprecedented times. Here’s our stance on the new now: when it comes to making your workforce safe and productive, one-size cannot fit all. The post-COVID-19 workplace is about addressing the specific needs of your business and your people. 

Whether it’s a Day 1 solution or a full re-invigoration of your workplace for a post COVID-19 world, we are a single source solution.


No one could have predicted the global impact that COVID-19 would have on the world. As lockdowns ease globally, we’ve assessed the impact and tailored solutions for a seamless return to the office, whatever your requirements.

How you respond to the crisis and prepare your teams for change is something that will set you apart from your competitors, unite you with your people and drive business performance.

We can’t guarantee business as usual, but our adaptable framework – from right now to 6 months and far beyond – can guarantee a solution tailored to your business needs. So, your new normal doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect.

Many businesses don’t know where to start. You don’t have to have the answers, and you don’t even have to know what you need. We can help you find that out and provide the right solutions – whether that’s;

  • Maintaining culture
  • Getting your teams back in smoothly on day one
  • Space planning to maintain social distancing

Some questions you'll need to ask to understand how to get the machine back in operation:

Business planning and operations

Number one is understanding not just physical space requirements, but asking yourself how you’ll maintain business performance and de-risk business continuity.

  • What’s changing to OpEx & CapEx budgets and how might this impact things like lease renewals and project prioritisation?
  • Do you need to change your opening hours or how employees and visitors use your office?

Return to work implementation and workplace optimisation

There are external and internal considerations to take into account to make sure your teams not only feel safe, but are safe.

  • What regulatory, landlord or community obligations do you need to factor in?
  • Is your current workplace optimised for both headcount changes and physical distancing? From flexible spaces to multi-site strategies and staggered implementation, there’s plenty of options on the table.
  • What’s the best way to manage risks and allow staff to report issues?

Predicting, managing and creating change

Changing the workplace, especially in light of COVID-19, involves changing attitudes, behaviours and workplace norms. Ask yourself:

  • Do we need to change how teams collaborate and mandate new ways of working?
  • Who is in the working group to determine how will you set up a change management plan for a smooth Day 1 and beyond for your teams?

Maintaining company culture and ensuring wellbeing is a priority

From having a Day 1 checklist, improved infrastructure and tech, and keeping spaces clean,  there’s a lot to get done to provide healthier, more responsive workplaces in the future. Create places that will help your teams stay healthy, motivated and productive by considering:

  • Do you need increased cleaning provisions, hand sanitisation stations or even somewhat major upgrades to be a touchless workplace?
  • Have you completed a workplace risk assessment or planned for shared infrastructure and tech that needs replacing?
  • How do you balance new workplace etiquette with old cultural business norms?

Get in touch

Questions demand answers, and we have them. We can help you consider what’s important and provide solutions – from simple interventions that keep your employees safe, to long term COVID workplace redesigns

Contact us using the form below to speak to a member of our team about your return to work requirements.

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