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A guide to your future work environment

How to get the most out of your future office.

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A guide to your future workplace

Now more than ever companies need to define a clear path forward for their workplace strategy.

Use this guide to:

  1. Understand the data you need to align your business needs with your people needs:

    • What is the corporate HQ for?

    • What should the workplace look like?

    • How should your corporate real estate portfolio be structured?

  2. Make informed decisions to build a business case around office design

  3. See how our clients have created a productive and innovative work environment





Learn how we have helped our clients achieve their goals

Case studies in the guide include:

  • A Global print and software solutions provider, who needed a bold solution that met their global mandate to reduce real estate by 50% and met their employee expectations.

  • A multinational global insurer, with a footprint totalling over ~1.2 million sqft, who needed a portfolio strategy that supported their high-performance, high-energy workforce while working remotely up to 60% of the time

  • Unispace's pilot project, where we've applied our tailored solution to transform how we work, achieving a workpoint ratio of 0.61, and completing the 7,922 sqft office in merely six weeks

Each case study presents unique solutions to challenges faced by businesses across the globe.