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Desktop Metal

  • 39,000 sqft
  • The Americas

Burlington MA, USA

  • Design
  • Delivery
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To help shape the future for this ground-breaking startup, we created a collaborative and flexible mecca that empowers teams to revolutionize the 3D printing industry.

Desktop Metal creates cost-effective and accessible 3D metal printers unlike anything on the market. As a fast-growing company vying for top industry talent, they needed a space that reflects their vibrant brand, facilitates growth and fits the diverse workstyles of their people.

When the project began, the space was just exterior walls and ceiling, devoid of even MEP infrastructure. We took this blank canvas and fully-designed a quintessentially open environment with soaring ceilings, breakout spaces and writable walls throughout.

As an R&D-focused company, workstations are adjacent to the lab space where testing and prototyping occur. Large glass windows connect the two spaces and serve as a conduit for cross-team engagement.

Applying a unique, long-term perspective of the built environment, the entire office and lab were networked for data and power despite the space not being completely occupied at completion. This offered Desktop Metal the flexibility to grow swiftly, simply plugging in and adding furniture components as team members joined

To support growth, we included an option to expand into an adjacent, unoccupied part of the building and created a circulation plan and functional areas that could easily flow from their current space, if needed. Desktop Metal swiftly outgrew the original space and this foresight and careful planning saved what could have been a very costly and lengthy expansion and reconfiguration.

Conceptually, the space references the metal that is the company’s foundation as well as raw materials such as wood, brick, and steel I-Beams as accents. Soft home-like furnishings add balance to the industrial look, while dynamically angled lighting creates interest and movement, offering a welcoming and inspiring feel.

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