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Changing the work experience for today and tomorrow

Learn how to create a successful work experience with our change management guide

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What does workplace change look like in today's work environment?

In today’s workplace, conventional approaches to change management are falling short.

Companies have concerns about:

  • How to create meaningful change during disruptive times
  • Getting support from employees and leaders
  • Fostering engagement and a sense of belonging in a hybrid workplace


Learn more about the evolution of change in the workplace.

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What is the purpose of the office?

To create successful change, companies must determine where the office fits into their larger work ecosystem.

Evaluate your office needs by:

  • Asking your employees how they work best
  • Identifying your business objectives and vision
  • Considering how to create experiences that engage, attract, and retain talent


Learn more about the new role of the office.

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How can I keep my people happy?

A successful change experience is customized to each company and puts employees at the center of the process by involving them in every step of the change.

We suggest:

  • Understanding the tools and experiences your people need to be successful
  • Leveraging technology that allows employees to explore changes before they're implemented
  • Fostering equity by offering a variety of ways for employees to provide feedback


Learn more about facilitating people-centric change.

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How do I know my change is successful?

An effective change management approach is resilient and evolves as your employees' needs evolve.

Continually test changes by utilizing tools like:

  • Surveys and focus groups that reveal opinions about spaces
  • Badge data, beacon/desk sensors, and room reservation data
  • Virtual dashboards that update with feelings towards change over time


Learn more about how to future-proof your change.

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