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Research reveals that broad majority of employees are unhappy with their current office environment, seek more workplace amenities

A study by global workplace leader Unispace has revealed that most office spaces are no longer fit for purpose. Workplace amenities are must-haves for today’s employees and are essential for attracting the best talent. 

People want more from their office in the hybrid working environment, with spaces now needing to provide staff with an experience, and not just a place to work. That’s according to the new paper, The Purpose (and True Value) of Amenities, published by Unispace. 

In the study – which surveyed 3,000 office workers across Europe – Unispace found that those who were happy about returning to the office post-Covid generally missed the social aspect that a workplace offers, with 39% admitting they missed social interaction, 36% saying they missed their colleagues and 25% reporting that they missed the opportunity to collaborate.  

However, the majority (95%) felt that their workspace was in need of improvement to create a desirable environment for them and their peers. According to the report, the top office features likely to encourage current employees and new recruits to spend time more time in their workplaces were:

  1. Outdoor spaces

    While 60% of the employees surveyed shared that they have some access to outdoor areas or terraces already, one in four respondents stated they would like their workplaces to include far more outside space.

  2. Areas for social gatherings 

    The majority (79%) of employees said that they missed the social interactions that their office-life facilitates, with a further 17% of respondents reporting that they would like more space for social gatherings.

  3. Collaboration spaces

    Over three-quarters of participants (77%) said it was easier to bond with and get to know colleagues in the office. In addition, 74% of employees said that having separate spaces for collaborative activities and quieter work would make them happier to return to the office. And while 62% said they already have breakout areas, 15% admitted that they would like their office to include more space for collaboration.

Aimee Collins, Head of Design for Americas, at Unispace, commented:

“Pre-pandemic, employers were already competing with each other about who could offer the best amenities for their employees. Today’s workforce is looking for even more. They enjoyed elements of remote working during the pandemic and are now looking to their workplace environments for the comforts of home, but, in addition, an experience that enables them to socialize, collaborate, and connect with their colleagues and customers."

Our research makes it very clear – employees are looking to their employers to re-envision their work experiences. Those companies that take the time to understand what amenities their employees are looking for, and deliver on that vision, will be those that are able to leverage their work environments to attract and retain the best talent.”


About Unispace

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