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Transforming Workspaces: Unispace and ANSR's Collaborative Vision Redefine Co-Working Excellence

In a dynamic market where shared office spaces are becoming the norm, ANSR embarked on a mission to revolutionize the concept. Their inaugural shared space office project demanded more than just functionality; it required a blend of contemporary design and hospitality-inspired ambiance. Teaming up with Unispace, renowned for its human-centric approach to workspace design, ANSR sought to create a space that transcended traditional co-working environments.

Crafting Ambiance for Visionary Design Execution

At the heart of ANSR's vision lay a desire to transcend the ordinary, to fashion a shared space that transcended mere functionality. To infuse the essence of hospitality design, weaving an atmosphere that beckoned with warmth and professionalism. ANSR collaborated with Unispace to translate their vision into a tapestry of meticulous detail and inviting ambiance. The objective was not just to create an office space, but to curate an immersive experience resonating deeply with ANSR's values and aspirations.

Elevating Aesthetic Integration for Unrivaled Workspaces

In the pursuit of crafting unparalleled workspaces, every design choice was made with meticulous care, aiming to achieve a flawless blend of form and function. From the luxurious marble flooring to the subtle sophistication of veneer-clad walls, each element was curated to seamlessly integrate aesthetics with practicality. This approach extended throughout the office, ensuring a fluid transition from reception to communal areas and individual workspaces. The overarching goal was to create an environment that not only captivated the senses but also enhanced productivity and wellbeing, setting a new standard for workspace excellence.

ANSR's Visionary Collaboration Inspires Excellence

The collaborative synergy between Unispace and ANSR has birthed an exceptional achievement. ANSR's premier shared space office stands proudly as a testament to their visionary spirit and unwavering commitment to excellence. Boasting ergonomic furnishings, a fully equipped Work Café offering catering services, and designated training areas, the office epitomizes the pinnacle of modern coworking standards. Furthermore, the inclusion of a dedicated office for the ANSR design team serves as a showcase, spotlighting the space's versatility and magnetic appeal to prospective clients.

In reimagining the traditional office space, Unispace and ANSR have set a new standard for coworking excellence. Their collaborative endeavor not only fulfills ANSR's immediate needs but also lays the groundwork for future expansion and innovation in the coworking sector. By seamlessly blending functionality with luxury and hospitality-inspired design, they have crafted an environment that transcends mere workspace, fostering creativity, collaboration, and success.

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Bangalore, India


December, 2023



Design and Build



Shamanth Patil J



Common area 6
Common area 5
Common area 4
Common area 7
Common area 1
Common area 3
Meeting room
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Common area 2

Bangalore, India

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