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Barry Nilsson

National law firm, Barry Nilsson levels up with professional, approachable spaces to support employee wellness, ways of working and business growth.

Purposeful workspace with employee needs at the forefront
Barry Nilsson engaged Unispace to design and deliver multiple workspaces as part of their national premises rollout strategy. Their leases were expiring in Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Sydney, and the business saw this as an opportunity to move to new premises and create a consistent Barry Nilsson design aesthetic. 

It was important to Barry Nilsson to build employee focused spaces prioritizing health and wellbeing and catering to varied user needs in a high-performing, collaborative environment. 

During site selection, optimizing the best views, location, and superior break out or shared meeting facilities for employees were leading factors to ensure the spaces would work for them and support continued growth. 

Consistency, collaboration, and connection the key to space utilization
The rollout started with new office premises in Adelaide and Hobart. These offices were leveraged as an opportunity to test the design concept and functionality. New workstation settings were introduced and the beginning of Barry Nilsson’s inviting, fresh and relaxed spaces came to fruition. 

At 1 O’Connell Street in Sydney’s CBD, the large terrace is a focal point and provides a point of difference for employees and clients, as well as a wellness and connection space to supplement other work zones. 

The reception, breakout space, kitchen, meeting zones and terrace are all connected allowing users to see through the areas, providing a choice to meet in open collaboration zones or private meeting rooms. There are 120 degree workstations along the perimeter in Sydney which allow the team to maximize natural light.

Designated into three zones, a booking system provides employees with autonomy on where to work. Offices sit against the building’s core and allow connectivity to teams in open work areas. In addition, focus and quiet rooms, and client facing meeting rooms are available to suit different individual ways of working and business needs.

In Perth, Barry Nilsson moved to 44 St Georges Terrace with a pre-existing tenancy fitout and greater perimeter space. Unispace leveraged the existing fitout, customizing the entry, meeting, and collaboration spaces to align with the new national aesthetic. Furniture style, finishes, feature lighting and suppliers aligned to achieve national consistency.

One Barry Nilsson. Multiple offices.
The four new spaces embody a consistent look and feel of one Barry Nilsson and cater to employees moving between state offices.   As leases come up for renewal in the Brisbane and Melbourne offices the design concept will be repeated, reflective of Barry Nilsson’s national one firm approach.

The design concept is consistent nationally with soft neutral tones, light timbers, sage, and eucalyptus green color palettes and balanced with clean white framing and gold brass feature lighting highlights, creating inviting and comfortable spaces.

Site audits identified significant furniture and fitout reuse, supplemented with new where needed, and Australian made or local suppliers were utilized to minimize waste and deliver projects on time and budget.

A strong understanding of their business created a deep level of trust between the two companies and saw efficient communication and seamless collaboration, during and post-Covid, between Unispace and Barry Nilsson stakeholders across the country.  

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Barry Nilsson



​​Adelaide, Australia; Hobart, Australia; Perth, Australia & Sydney, Australia








Barry Nilsson outdoor space
Barry Nilsson open space
Barry Nilsson open kitchen area with plants
Barry Nilsson meeting room
Barry Nilsson open seating area
Barry Nilsson kitchen island seating
Barry Nilsson kitchen girl filling water
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