1,400 sqm
15,000 sqft


When cultures converge, the results are exhilarating. Aesthetically evocative and strategically sound, BLME’s new London headquarters is designed to stimulate growth.

Envisioned as bridge between European and Middle Eastern markets, BLME (Bank of London and The Middle East) is Europe’s largest Sharia compliant bank. BLME serves high net worth individuals and businesses that require innovative international financial solutions.

Uniting Arabic design influences with leading edge workplace design, we created a space that signals BLME’s emergence as one of Britain’s most active mid-market banks. An agile open work area facilitates diverse work styles. Informal interactive touch points and dynamic break out space with varied seating foster knowledge-sharing and build community while quiet areas allow individuals to retreat and focus when needed. Strategically located vistas from private client areas through to the active workplace reinforce BLME’s scale and strength.

Our design for BLME’s new workplace draws on vibrant aesthetic references to express a global brand and develop a dynamic environment that fosters cross-cultural business activity. 


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