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BP’s reimagined agile workplace was updated with sustainability front-of mind. The space empowers their people to connect and collaborate through activity-based working, while celebrating the BP brand and company culture.

A global energy company with operations in Europe, the Americas, Australasia and Africa, BP has a long history and a strong brand identity, so inclusion and promotion of their brand was a key focus of the project. It was important that their branding principles were applied thoroughly and consistently, so we worked closely with BP’s global team to make sure everything was on point. 

Sustainability was also considered through the entire design process. BP’s global team mandated a “no-toxic” and low emissions policy, disallowing the use of adhesives for flooring. To achieve this, our designers collaborated with contractors and manufacturers to implement an installation method that achieved zero omissions, meeting the internal standards of the BP HSSE team. We also incorporated smart furniture and a built space re-use strategy, so that each space can be used in a variety of ways and easily redesigned in future. 

Pivoting from international oil company to customer-focused, integrated energy brand, BP wanted to ensure their refurbished Melbourne workplace was as engaging and energizing as possible, attracting employees and clients to the space.  

The use of color in relation to brand was another important aspect of the project. The majority of the color pallet is made up of whites and greys, creating a calming and harmonious mood while also drawing in the natural light and creating a sense of space across the floors. The design also utilizes the existing BP brand color scheme, using a different highlight color for each floor - orange, red and green.  

BP took the refurbishment of their current Bourke Street office as an opportunity to update their work settings and technology provisions, while creating a space that aligns with their new corporate values.  Their reimagined space provides activity-based working, driving efficiency, collaboration and productivity while reflecting the refreshed BP brand. 

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Melbourne, Australia






BP reception area with logo and petrol pump
BP waiting area with petrol pump
BP multiple floors lightwell
BP workstations orange carpet
BP yellow workstations
BP meeting room with windows
BP focus room with orange wall
BP collaboration tables
BP workstations red
BP hoteling office
BP breakout and kitchen space

Melbourne, Australia

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