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A space that combines cutting-edge science with heartfelt care for fertility patients 

Day-spa vibe for a traditionally sterile industry

Unispace embarked on a special mission with Genea Melbourne City, tasked with creating a space that would envelop patients in a sense of comfort and care as they began their journey of fertility and family planning.  With the highest regard for discretion, our design approach aimed to maintain the privacy of patients through thoughtful choices in palette, spatial layout, and aesthetics. This ensured the space did not overtly resemble a typical clinical or medical environment.  

We endeavored to create an ambiance infused with a calming and uplifting energy that would evoke a sense of tranquility. Equally important was the creation of a homely atmosphere, ensuring that patients felt at ease in an environment that was warm and inviting.  

The design philosophy embraced a beautiful blend of aesthetics while retaining the essence of clinical expertise, striking the perfect balance between the two. This delicate harmony ensured that patients would feel a genuine sense of trust in space, knowing that they were in the capable hands of specialists and a dedicated team devoted to supporting them every step of the way. 

Recognizing the importance of providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace for the Genea Melbourne City team, we set out to create an environment that not only met their operational needs but also served as a break-out area from the patient spaces. This dual-purpose space would support their work while providing a sanctuary for rejuvenation and relaxation, reflecting our commitment to nurturing the well-being of both patients and staff. 

In our commitment to sustainability and resource optimization, we took great care to preserve the existing terrazzo flooring. This decision minimized the need for demolition and the waste of both quality materials and ecological resources, aligning with our dedication to environmentally conscious practices. 

Throughout the entire design process, we remained steadfast in our commitment to sustainability. In line with the Base Building's Green Star Rating and Sustainability initiatives, our fit out was meticulously designed to comply with these eco-conscious guidelines, ensuring that our creation aligned with our collective responsibility to the environment and the future. 

Capturing the brand essence in physical space

Genea’s provides a personalized approach to each individual who walks through their doors. They are continuously committed to bringing together the best cutting-edge science with heartfelt patient care and have manifested this in their brand.  

We incorporated Genea’s branding into the clinic’s aesthetic, seizing the opportunity to capitalize on street exposure by prominently displaying premium signage along main roads. This strategic move not only enhances the clinic's visibility but also solidifies its presence as a beacon of excellence within one of Melbourne’s major healthcare precincts. 

The resounding success of the new branding and overall look and feel is a testament to the Unispace team’s unwavering commitment to bringing design concepts to life and delivering unmatched aesthetic experiences throughout the fit-out. 

One team, one dream 

A cornerstone of our success lies in the exceptional working relationship we fostered with the client, characterized by open lines of communication and a shared commitment to achieving our project goals. Working diligently to adhere to the program and budget, Unispace delivered its promises, ensuring that every detail was thoughtfully executed. 

The significance of the move-in date for the doctors necessitated a tightly scheduled program, prompting our dedicated team to work tirelessly throughout the holiday season, including Christmas and New Year, to ensure a timely completion. This staunch dedication to meeting deadlines is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest standard of service to our clients. 

Adhering to the budget was essential for the project's successful execution and for the satisfaction of Genea, the valued client. We took great care in meticulously managing costs, providing transparent communication, and delivering a space that not only met but exceeded expectations. 

The ultimate measure of our success lies in the happiness of our clients. Genea has expressed great satisfaction with the project's design and delivery, solidifying our ability to deliver quality outcomes. With zero defects and seamless on-time, on-budget delivery, our efforts were recognized and celebrated during a highly successful opening event, attended by the Genea team. 

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Melbourne, Australia







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Melbourne, Australia

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