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  • 790 sqm
  • Europe

Netherlands, Amsterdam

  • Design
  • Delivery

Infosys partnered with our team to create a fluid and future-proofed work hub for employees and visitors alike, located in the iconic World Trade Centre in Amsterdam.

Infosys’ brief was to create a fluid and future-proofed work hub in Amsterdam. The 790 sqm office in Amsterdam’s World Trade Centre near the city airport serves as a local workplace and touchdown space for visiting Infosys staff and collaborators from around the world.

The workhub contains everything required to integrate with the brand whilst in the space, including a welcoming lobby, a lounge area, luggage drop facilities and an agile working approach. Ensuring a seamless experience, the environment allows employees working across multiple projects to use the office flexibly.

The space has numerous settings supporting concentration and focus but is also fully enabled for joint project work, following the design drivers of functional, flexible, fluid, flat and familiar. Function was crucial to the outcome. With the aim of creating flexibility, we developed various work settings aiding users to proactively adapt their surroundings with ease, dependent on their task. All of the furniture needed to be light-weight, not too bulky, and to be used efficiently.

From a mechanical point of view, it was a challenging project – in order to maximise the high ceilings and large-scale windows, we designed around the existing chilled beam air conditioning system which in turn impacted how we built surrounding walls and delineated space.

Aesthetically, the space is minimal, elegant and crisp. A warm palette of coral and yellow hues, natural materials such as stone and timber are offset with black lighting features and bookcases, framing zones, and creating a welcoming, timeless experience.

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