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Global Insurance Company

Major global insurance company reimagines its multi-level Hong Kong office to create tailored spaces that suit business activities and employee productivity.

Regional expertise delivers an enhanced workspace that enables both employees and customers.

A key goal for the transformation was to introduce a harmonious hybrid work style across the business, however the client’s four floors contained business units that had very different work styles, behaviors, and cultures.

A consistent brand experience and work experience tailored to business functions and activities.

To assist this major global business create a consistent work experience in their Hong Kong office, Unispace’s Change Management team worked in tandem with the Designers to provide communications, operating guidelines and adoption tools that can be used by the client’s inhouse teams to educate and excite their people for their future way of working.

With amazing Hong Kong views, Unispace took inspiration from local surroundings and interweaved the palettes and textures of the landscapes from the sea, beach, garden, and mountains. These palettes and textures represented the atmosphere to suit activities completed in each setting. The ‘beach’ represents community experiences and has a warmer, energizing palette. The ‘garden’ correlates to workspaces and focus areas, embodying a more natural palette, leveraging green colors, natural light, and biophilia. 

In addition to creating the right ambiance for spaces, different work settings were designed to cater to varying business unit needs and customer-facing areas were designed to accommodate enhanced customer interactions.

Signage, wayfinding, and graphics assist the different teams in navigating floors and spaces, and the environmental graphics visually provide an identity and expression for the teams’ work areas.

A re-energized office space supporting business needs and championing change. 

Unispace’s methodology and the use of 3D planning technology, Revit, enabled the project to move quickly from design to starting on site with no change to the program or budget.

Through reusable furniture, cost savings were made and minimized waste. Light timer switches and zones were built in the design to conserve energy usage. 

To assist the business in successfully embracing flexible ways of working, Unispace provided effective change management and communication support, including training key stakeholders and ‘change champions’ newsletter content, and visuals demonstrating the benefits and opportunities in the new office design.

Unispace’s agile, solutions-based approach and stakeholder management between the client’s property team in Singapore and local implementation team in Hong Kong facilitated collaborative project management from design through to completion, seamlessly guiding the client through the journey. 

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Confidential global insurance company



Hong Kong


October, 2022




Change Management





Harold de Puymorin



Confidential Client
Global Insurance Company

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