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Just Eat Takeaway.com

Making sure everyone has a seat at the table: this was the key requirement for Just Eat Takeaway.com’s new Dublin call centre.

An order is placed
Unispace took up the mantle for Just Eat Takeway (JET) one more time as part of a partnership that spans the globe and consists of space creation in major destinations on every continent. Each space created by Unispace on behalf of JET is the result of unprecedented global expansion and success.

The backstory to our collaboration in Dublin is no different. However, while the context to the story remains the same the world over, the interiors and the story of space changes in each and every location.

The project brief
As one of Unispace’s global clients, JET’s lively new call centre in Dublin was designed and delivered out of our studio in the Irish capital. 

The brief asked for a workspace over two floors in which “everyone has a seat at the table”.  A strong sense of belonging and collaboration between team members were key objectives for this project. Once completed, the space would need to foster a strong spirit of inclusivity.

Located at 35 Shelbourne Road, the space is set over the fifth and sixth floors of a beautiful new build that is located in the south-east of the city. From the penthouse style workspace that Unispace designed and delivered, JET benefits from awe inspiring, 360 degree views of the city.

Setting up home
The space at 35 Shelbourne Road is larger than JET’s current demand with 204 sqm of space for which the client currently has no dedicated use. Such is the confidence of their entrepreneurial teams and approach to business that the future is never far from sight. Unispace fitted out the area as part of the brief, to quite literally set the team up for future expansion.

The windows to the building are coincidentally treated with yellow and orange filters, helping to further instill JET branding throughout the space, in addition to creating a firm sense of location as the colours match those of the Irish tricolour. 

Brand identity and belonging
The sixth floor reception area is where key clients and visitors enter a contemporary penthouse workspace, creating an immense impression without being too formal or corporate. Those entering the space are immersed into a JET inspired world of orange detailing against a more muted backdrop of greys, which are taken from the brand’s colour palette.

Informal tea points, open-plan collaborative areas and a striking design centred around the sharing of experiences, culminate in a space that reinforces the brand’s identity, values and joie-de-vivre.

JET is all about bringing people together over a meal to share good times and build ever closer bonds. At 35 Sherbourne, JET wanted to reflect its business mission inwards and this was communicated to Unispace designers from the outset. Every team member receiving “a seat at the table” is an evident takeaway of the scheme, as the floorplates are now littered with huge tables intended for welcoming, working, eating, and celebrating. All tables were either sourced or made to measure by Unispace’s FF&E team. 

While the company’s people took centre stage as the main priority, the brand identity needed also to be showcased in such a way that the brands values are clearly communicated in order to foster a sense of belonging across all teams who occupy the space. As such, the intended look and feel would be one reminiscent of “homing from work” where team members (like members of a family) return daily to partake in a range of activities, share ideas and experiences all around the central feature of a dinner table.

Way-finding has been intelligently incorporated into the space by way of zoned areas that are dedicated to focus, collaboration and social working practices, in addition to a dark-grey carpet that weaves its way through the bustling workspace villages, recreating the experience of a JET delivery cyclist making their way to a destination. 

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Just Eat Takeaway.com



Dublin, Ireland






Pernod Ricard


An inclusive workspace that features extended tables throughout so that “everyone can have a seat at the table”.


Bursts of orange throughout the space create brand identity and belonging.


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