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A refreshed activity based working model has realigned Optus’ workplace with their brand presence.

Optus’ move from the Perth suburbs to the CBD would signify more than a change in location.  As a leading network provider in Australia, this was an opportunity to create a workplace with the “wow” factor that would reflect their brand presence and build a strong and cohesive culture.

We engaged with all levels of staff to establish current work styles. Workplace activities were analysed by the time spent focusing, collaborating, learning and socialising. Our in-depth utilisation study discovered an inefficient use of space, with recommendations to consolidate the team to one floor and rationalise the space allocated to workstations and collaborative zones.

A bold transformation from the siloed, split-level office they were used to, Optus’ new workplace encourages connectivity and builds a sense of community.

The space has dedicated clusters for fixed tech teams, supported by a variety of settings to accommodate individual and team based tasks.

A main corridor connects the two ends of the floor plate; from the breakout to the work zone, with flexible settings in between to activate socialisation and collaboration.

The design aesthetic is influenced by the Western Australian vernacular, which defines the different space typologies. Soft natural tones reflect the intended activity and mood of each space, complementing the timeless look and feel of the wider workplace and realigning it with the brand.

We developed a change management program to prepare the team for their new way of working. This included induction sessions, tours, workshops and training for dedicated change champions to establish new working behaviours.

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Perth, Australia








Perth, Australia

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