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The Reluctant Returner
The real estate dilemma

Learn how the pandemic has changed the way people feel about their office and the best approach to office planning amid the new world of work.

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Is now the time to reduce your real estate footprint?


 The world of work has permanently changed since the pandemic. With a greater number of professionals now choosing to work flexibly, offices must offer all the benefits of working from home, alongside the foundation for a social ecosystem. What does this mean for the HQ vs. satellite office debate? 

Our data suggests that hybrid working is the preferred arrangement for the majority of office workers moving forwards – which will clearly impact strategic decisions around where office space is located and how buildings can best be utilised.

So, what approaches can businesses take to create spaces to meet their employees where they are? 


In the sixth paper of the return to work series, we explore what employers should keep in mind when rethinking their real estate strategy and why now is an opportunity to transform the workplace experience.

Packed with research, survey data, and expert feedback, the report will help you create a workplace to needs of your workforce.