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Workplace Delivery

Taking the risk and hassle out of office construction

When you’re ready to hand your design over to the build team, you need it to be straightforward. We deliver your workplace with care, attention to detail and the client experience at the front-of-mind. We understand that traditionally, translating design to a built environment is problematic because you're beholden to external cost estimators to value-engineer the design at the end of the documentation phase. Our project managers work hand-in-hand with our strategy and design teams, so when they get to site they already know your project inside-out. Which means no misunderstandings, no delays, no sudden extra costs.


A better way A commitment to client experience

Delivery Excellence exemplifies who Unispace is and what we are about. We believe that delivering a positive project experience is key to forming long-lasting relationships.

From budgeting to programming and communication, every single touch-point on your project is carefully thought out. So, you can trust us to deliver on our promises every time.

We listen So we understand what's important to you

We take the time to listen and understand the objectives, concerns and goals of your projects. We're able to prioritize what's important and communicate more effectively with you. 

We have a collaborative approach We find the right solution for you

Consistent and clear communication is critical to achieving key milestones and keeping to budget. We offer robustness and clarity our clients can rely on – from early-stage budgeting and estimations through to move-in day – for a full picture at all times.

We go the extra mile, every time Client experience is at the heart of what we do

We sweat the small stuff. Whatever it takes to do a great job, we’ll do it. Your happiness is the ultimate proof of success. Whether it's staged work where we minimize disruption and keep you working, or a project office on-site so you can visit at any time.

We prioritize health & safety Our clients, team and sub-contractors' wellbeing is paramount

Our safe design process is established at project initiation and captures several factors, such as:

  • Key stakeholder accountability
  • Product toxicity review
  • Systemic risk management
  • Safe design knowledge and capability
  • Information transfer

We mitigate risk We have a specialist understanding of risk management

Our experience and risk registers mean we know what to look for in advance, whether that’s spotting technical problems or building in extra time to avoid nasty surprises later. We also do our value engineering from the start, preventing delays and saving you money.

We give cost certainty Using progressive budgeting to absorb project risk

We set clear and realistic expectations when working within our clients' budgets. Utilizing early contractor involvement, pre-qualifying their pricing, and progressively budgeting during the design phases ensures that we can develop accurate budgets, absorb all project risk, and give our clients cost certainty.


"Delivery Excellence is about creating impactful experiences that leave a positive lasting impression on our clients."

Ryan Caffyn-Parsons, Global Director, Delivery

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