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Top 7 Elements Modern Workplaces Need

What are the top amenities any modern workplace needs?

The office of today is significantly different in both design and how staff interact with it. Pre-pandemic, the workplace was the number one location to work from for the majority of people. Now, however, hybrid working is the norm. In fact, in our recent study, The Reluctant Returner, we found that just under a third of staff (31%) expect to work entirely in the office, with the majority (61%) expecting to be able to work in a hybrid way for the foreseeable future. This is significantly different to the 73% of employees who were completely office-based pre-pandemic.

The challenge in this environment is making workspaces usable and attractive in a hybrid world of work.

Read the full article to find out the top 7 essentials that each workplace should have to make modern offices more appealing and valuable to employers and staff alike.