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People. Place. And what really matters...

As creators of global workplace solutions, Unispace is constantly striving to understand changing business drivers, workplace paradigms and societal trends. To gain greater insights into what matters most to different business functions – each with its own role to play in the physical work environment – we have embarked upon a series of engagement sessions with leaders across HR, finance and technology.

To gather the first round of insights, in recent months we've interviewed HR leaders from more than 100 organisations across the globe to understand their views on topics such as flexibility, diversity, wellbeing and the impact that the work environment has on performance.

Our new white paper, People. Place. And what really matters..., shares the insights uncovered through this interview program with highlights and recommendations presented across six core themes:

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Wellness
  • Attraction of talent
  • Retention of talent

In addition, we look at the ever-increasing role HR is playing in workplace decision-making, a strategic approach to people-centric objectives through physical space and how organisations are measuring success.

We warmly thank the HR leaders who participated in this program, freely giving their time, knowledge and experience towards a better understanding of what really matters in the people and (work)place equation.

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