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#BreakTheBias: Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

International Women’s Day is a day dedicated to celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness, and taking action for equality. In support of this year’s theme, we asked some of our women at Unispace to share their thoughts on how to #BreakTheBias. 

Women @ Unispace 

This year we’ve launched Women @ Unispace (W@U), our Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to creating an inclusive and equitable experience for all.  

I think it’s really important for us to support and empower women at Unispace and in the design & construction industry as a whole, especially in light of how many have left the workforce due to the pandemic. I’ve always believed that bringing more diverse perspectives into our workforce drives innovation.
- Emily Watkins, Global Head of Enterprise & W@U Global Lead 

In support of IWD, we asked members of our W@U Leadership Council an other women to interview their women peers in our Share Your Story series, Women at Unispace #BreakTheBias. Check out the highlight reel from the series to learn more about our women and their thoughts on #breakthebias.

Changing how we look at diversity 

Katy Johnson Katy Johnson, Head of Pursuits, Americas 

“Diversity shouldn’t be an optic; it should be an ingrained practice. The diversity in a team, the diversity in strengths and experience, and in world views are what makes our teams strongest. Everyone views [projects] through their own lens and the more diversity you have on a team, the more viewpoints we have, and the stronger we’ll be.” 

Empowering younger generations 

Rose WilliamsRose Williams, Principal, Delivery, ANZ 

"I think there is a way to go with breaking the bias for women in the construction industry. Especially with younger females, it’s about making sure they’re getting an opportunity to contribute in meetings and their voices are heard. We need to put a stamp on the construction industry and support and empower females and others in the industry."  

Creating change through education 

Irene Garcia Irene Garcia, Design, EMEA 

“We need to put our knowledge and experience on the table and work together with other women and allies to make progress. There’s a lot of work that is needed to be done for women’s equality and it’s challenging, but by using education as a tool to create change, we can make an impact in the right direction.” 

Fostering confidence in the work environment 

Mary John Mary John, Associate, Design, Asia 

"I’d like to see women feeling as confident as men about throwing their hat in the ring for promotions and leadership opportunities because they're confident they have the right skill sets to succeed in those roles. It’s about creating an environment of trust and support to encourage women to push the boundaries in their careers."  

International Women’s Day is powered by the collective efforts of all and shared ownership for driving gender parity. We’re committed to doing our part to truly make a positive difference by increasing visibility, supporting women’s empowerment, and building experiential workplaces where women can thrive.  

"It’s really exciting for the DEIB and People & Culture teams to come together on initiatives that are making Unispace a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place for women. We’re committed to driving change – internally and externally – by acknowledging and addressing the important issues that women face as they strive to do their best work. We’re proud of the work we are doing, and we’re fiercely committed to continuing on our journey. "
- Chely Wright, Chief Diversity Officer and Nicola Harris, Chief People & Culture Officer