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Meet Barry Standford! Joining us in EMEA as Regional Operations Finance Director

We’re thrilled to welcome Barry Standford to our EMEA Leadership team.


Based in London, Barry brings 15 years’ experience working for multi-national organisations, having played a significant role in supporting businesses to optimise commercial decision-making. We chat to Barry to learn more about his previous experience, his new role and what excites him about Unispace.

So tell us, what attracted you to Unispace and this role?

“Unispace’s unique end-to-end methodology is exciting and incredibly relevant during these times of changing working environments. With its global presence, Unispace is the leader in the market and the company has real ambitions and backing to grow further. As a Finance Director, I have always been motivated to drive business performance and grow a healthy top line.”

“Having an internal culture that is innovative, hard-working, collaborative, respectful and vibrant is vital for a business to succeed. All of the Unispace team I’ve met so far were incredibly approachable and enthusiastic.”

What are you looking forward to doing once you get started?

“I am looking forward to better understanding how the business operates and to build relationships with colleagues and clients in order to bring value to the business. With an emphasis on growth, one of my top priorities will be to support the EMEA leadership team on the next phase of their exciting journey.”

 “Having an internal culture that is innovative, hard-working, collaborative, respectful and vibrant is vital for a business to succeed. All of the Unispace team I’ve met so far were driven by great enthusiasm.”
- Barry Standford, Regional Operations Finance Director

What excites you about the business strategy or future direction?

“Unispace’s revolutionary way of creating workplaces and its global presence distinguishes them in the industry. Looking at the impact on the workplace over the last 12 months, Unispace has positioned itself on top to provide valuable support to clients through the Propeller Framework. In addition to that, the recent acquisition by PAG is going to provide a positive impact to the company’s ambition to grow. I am really looking forward to joining the EMEA team to support our current client accounts and win new business.”

What are your thoughts on the future of the workplace?

“From now on, organisations will be looking for a more flexible hybrid workplace. I believe that the office is still going to be a vital space to promote the company’s culture, build bonds between team members and enjoy in-person interaction with other people. How the workplace looks, feels and functions will be the most important aspect for many organisations, in order to promote healthy behaviours, social connection and collaboration.”

Tell us about a career-defining moment for you.

“For me it was making the move to London back in 2013 to join a FTSE100 business. Thanks to their refreshing, vibrant and driven culture, I learnt how a modern style of leadership can positively affect people’s motivation and the subsequent success of the business.”

How would you describe your leadership style?

“I would say my leadership style is about honesty and forthright advice – but I am also humble to the fact that I don’t have all the answers! The role of a leader is to give clear direction, to ensure the right talents and resources are available, to motivate and empower, and to support others to reach their full potential.”

Tell us some facts about you on a personal level.

“After eight years of living in London and Surrey, I have just about lost the Devonshire accent. Currently living with my family (my fiancée and our three children), I am desperately trying to convince them, but so far failing, to add a golden retriever into the mix.”


We’re excited to be welcoming Barry to the team and seeing further growth in EMEA. View our People page