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Welcoming two new hires to our growing Enterprise and Client Engagement teams

The North Americas team is excited to welcome Nicholas Schifferle as Principal, Enterprise Client Engagement and Jim Stein as Principal, Client Engagement to our Client Solutions group at Unispace as we enter a new era of workplace creation. Both based in New York, Nick and Jim will bring their diverse backgrounds and expertise to drive new and exciting future initiatives.

About Nick and Jim 

Nick joins Unispace from a 15-year tenure at M Moser, bringing his global experience in design, project management, and leading high-design headquarters projects for major multinational brands. He’ll leverage his expert knowledge in mixed-use development, portfolio growth, and contract management to drive growth and success. 

With over 30 years in the CRE industry, Jim is an expert real estate advisor with a passion for building enduring relationships and helping meet clients’ needs through innovative workplace solutions. Coming to Unispace after 19 years with Lincoln Property Company, Jim will support our growth and help global brands meet the pace of change.  

What attracted you to Unispace?  

Nick: I was excited by Unispace’s innovative approach, their future growth plans, strong vision, and can-do culture. Unispace has built momentum around a true enterprise account solution, and I’m looking forward to helping drive success and growth, globally. 

Jim: Unispace pushes past the traditional office models to find better ways of creating workplaces and ecosystems of space that support both individual and group activities. They have been at the forefront of change in the industry and share my outlook about creating inclusive and diverse environments where people want to be. 

What are your thoughts on the future of workplace? 

Nick: Innovation is going to be key in the future, especially in the workplace creation process. Blended or hybrid strategies will allow people to have flexibility, and come into the office to innovate, create, and problem solve. Workplaces will need to be designed to support these new ways of working. 

Jim: Perhaps the greatest change is the workplace will no longer strictly mean the office. The future of the workplace will be a blended concept distributed across offices, homes, and hubs. The office will serve as an attractive setting that provides experiences for people to connect, socialize, and ideate. 

What insights do you bring to clients? 

Nick: I am a jack of all trades with experience in strategy, design, construction, etc., and I’m a true global player, having lived and worked on projects in Singapore, Thailand, Melbourne, Sydney, London, and New York.  

What is the state of the NYC commercial office market from your perspective? 

Jim: There is a lot of chatter about NYC being dead, and people moving to secondary cities like Austin, Nashville, or Miami, but they can’t offer what NYC offers, which is scale. Big tech firms like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google actually expanded their New York City footprints early on in the pandemic. I believe start-ups and incubator investments will once again be lured to the city for our knowledge worker base, the lower priced rents, and the vibrance of a constantly changing environment.  

Welcome to the Client Solutions group at Unispace, Nick and Jim! To see our growing North Americas team, check out our People page.