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Amundi’s newly renovated Boston headquarters embraces its global brand.

Amundi US asset management is a leading global investment manager, focused on a broad range of investment solutions, research, and close client partnerships. They were looking to restructure their Americas headquarters in Boston, MA to increase efficiency and collaboration across their teams, while showcasing the transformation of the company to a globally elevated entity.

Amundi wanted to reduce their workplace from five floors to three, requiring extensive visioning sessions including department head interviews to understand the different disciplines’ needs, various test fits, and change management services to help the staff adjust to the smaller space. With their work structure, space planning was important to enable seamless collaboration within teams, while creating easy pathways for connecting and socializing the wider groups. Our design team used a bridge concept for design inspiration to symbolize their global reach and local roots.

One of the focal points of the space is the reception, representing the global brand and showcasing the company’s history through different pieces in their art collection, thoughtfully placed blue accents, and clean lines.

Throughout the three floors, there are a variety of flexible and focus space types, strategically placed to accommodate different work styles and help with the adjustment of moving from private offices to a more open environment. To enable seamless communication, user-friendly technology and video conferencing is integrated into the conference and huddle rooms. The café areas act as multi-purpose hubs connecting teams and giving staff another communal place to collaborate. The client-facing boardroom offers an open and comfortable area to bring clients into and supports the company’s new global reach and focus on client partnerships.

Through our integrated process, Amundi’s Boston headquarters bridges their global reach in a space maximized for productivity. We delivered the completed project on time and within budget despite various hurdles with the pandemic. The stakeholder team was impressed with the client experience, and the staff enjoy the new office environment.

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Boston, MA, USA







Boston, MA, USA

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