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Beach Energy

Undertaking workplace strategy as the first step of their office redesign enabled Beach Energy to transition smoothly from a traditional way of working to a more collaborative, open environment.

Beach Energy (Beach) are an Adelaide based oil and gas exploration and production company. As one of Australia’s largest oil producers, Beach supply approximately 15% of east coast gas demand. Having outgrown their existing workplace, with forecasts suggesting further growth, Beach approached us to help them determine a business case.

Our objective was to transform the way Beach’s people were working to enable ease of collaboration, cater for future growth and design them a destination workplace that would attract and retain talent.

Beach’s new space was selected based on its alignment to sustainability and wellness, while also catering for their forecasted growth. Their workplace strives to break down communication barriers through an open plan layout, featuring a mix of formal and informal settings, a dedicated library zone designed for focus work and central multi-use areas including a training room that can be used as an entertainment space or breakout area.

Our team worked closely with Beach’s branding manager to apply digital signage, room naming conventions and a reception area that expressed the progressiveness of their business. Planting and greenery is featured heavily throughout their space adding colour and elements of the natural environment into the work day. Screens displaying Beach’s sites and the red sand of the Australian desert are also displayed, highlighting their position in the oil and gas industry.

We appointed a Change Manager to map out a journey to assist Beach personnel and teams move from their old, traditional workplace, to a semi-agile space. This ensured all staff were smoothly settled and using their new space effectively.

Delivered on schedule and operating sustainably, the Beach office was formally opened by the South Australian Premier who saw the tremendous opportunity for the state of South Australia.

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Beach Energy



Adelaide, Australia







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Beach Energy,
Adelaide, Australia

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