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  • 8,218 sqm
  • Europe

Switzerland, Baar

  • Strategy
  • Design

Biogen partnered with our team to consolidate their existing five locations in Switzerland, coming together to ‘Unify Biogen’ in their newly built campus in Baar, just outside Zurich.

Biogen aim to be the best Biotech company in the world. The design of their new campus in Baar needed to be aligned with their vision, representing a high-tech company celebrating innovation, whilst balancing their brand heritage. Biogen are attracting and retaining talent by giving their staff a destination workplace. A working environment where they want to come in every day and feel their overall wellbeing is supported. 

The look and feel for the project focused on creating a timeless design. With this in mind, a neutral base palette was applied throughout the workplace creating seamless visual connections between each work setting and space. A diverse collection of ‘neighbourhoods’, allow team members to connect at destination points. The idea being that connectivity happens both vertically and horizontally throughout the building.

Concrete walls were kept exposed, as well as sections of the ceiling. Timber was introduced through feature panels, while brass trim connects the reception area with the golden faҫade of the  building.

The fully catered canteen and barista are also complemented by an expansive terrace with a Swiss mountain range vista. Technology was a crucial focus, ensuring each work setting is adequately enabled, including sit-stand desking. Responsive screens connect users while communicating company messages, and highly tech-enabled meeting rooms allow teams to connect no matter where they are, be it in other areas of the campus, or at a distance.

Biogen’s consolidation from five separate buildings to this singular campus in Baar brings their team base together as one company, quite simply helping to ‘Unify Biogen’.

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