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BNZ The Terrace

  • 102,366 sqft
  • Asia Pacific

New Zealand, Wellington

  • Design

Continuing to challenge the status quo, BNZ’s The Terrace combines a leading unified technology experience with a pioneering mix of multifunctional spaces.

Unispace worked closely with the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) to create this one-of-a-kind digitally enhanced workplace. The aim of The Terrace was to create ‘the ideal digital world’ for the specialist digital, technology, products and portfolio teams through an agile working environment across 12 levels. 

By partnering with local graffiti artist Component Studio, Sparrow Phillips, and putting focus to technology integration and the provision of high quality wellness amenity, BNZ has created a significantly relevant workplace for today’s digital workforce. 

The Creative Studio and Digital Hub is a new concept. Designed to be a digital accelerator and showcasing the latest in technology, it features an immersive and intuitive unified tech set-up. The Digital Hub can be easily reconfigured from an informal meeting and waiting area, into a flexible space to host workshops or social/ business events. 

In an area called The Retreat, rest and meditation pods provide contemplative respite. Their materiality, palette and acoustic treatment are designed to engage the user’s senses to promote a deep sense of wellbeing. 

BNZ also elected to handover the building’s  basement carparking to its staff. By removing all parking spaces from the building and replacing them with ‘The Garage‘; the building’s playground. A large presentation screen, games tables, fully functioning bar and cardio space provide an energetic recoup area unique to BNZ Wellington. Events can be held in this multifunctional space, as well as bike parking, e-bike charging and end-of-trip facilities. 

The primary playful materiality and palette represents the vibrant side of the BNZ. Its custom street art embraces the building’s location in the heart of Wellington, while also being one of the primary wayfinding and digital communication elements.