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Boston Scientific

A new look for the new normal: Boston Scientific reimagines their Singapore office for the future of work.

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Boston Scientific engaged Unispace to develop a new set of global guidelines to enable them to remain flexible and responsive to ever-changing business, technology, and workplace trends. With the Singapore office acting as a pilot for the new guidelines, Unispace was engaged to refurbish and reconfigure their existing space for new modes of work.
As part of Boston Scientific’s revised strategy, the new office needed to cater to three groups of employees: onsite, hybrid, and remote, with each group characterized by its own unique workplace requirements. IT staff, for example, were categorized as onsite staff that required their own desks in the office, while sales staff, being remote employees, only came into the office once a week, and were thus not allocated dedicated workstations.  With these specifications in mind, we worked closely with the company to tailor the project’s design scope and introduce new work settings and typologies to encompass the diversity in working styles across the Singapore team.
As a nod to Boston Scientific’s focus on care and wellbeing, the design incorporates elements of biophilia, combined with references to Singapore reflected in the tiles, fabrics, and color selection. Through the use of light natural timbers and muted pastel tones, we aimed to instill a sense of calmness and serenity in an otherwise bustling and collaborative environment. A seamless transition between office spaces was further achieved through the selective use of flooring finishes, lighting, and furniture type.

As companies gear up for their return to the office, the completion of Boston Scientific’s new Singapore workspace serves as a future-proof solution to help its employees navigate present uncertainties, while also providing a glimpse into what workplace designs will look like in a post-pandemic world.
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"Boston Scientific's refreshed Singapore office represents a significant first step into the future of the workplace in a hybrid work model. With diverse work settings tailored to the requirements of each function integrating with shared collaboration footprints, our new workplace empowers employees with greater flexibility over how and where they work as well as inspires a sense of community, productivity, engagement and innovation."  - , at Boston Scientific.

Daphne Ong
Vice President for Human Resources, APAC
Boston Scientific

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Boston Scientific,

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