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BP’s fresh and functional new Auckland workplace breaks down hierarchical barriers to bring two teams together and foster collaboration.

BP is one of the world’s leading international oil and gas companies. When it decided to merge its existing Auckland and Wellington offices, it partnered with us for strategy, design and delivery.

Strategic visioning sessions with the executive team helped us develop a detailed workplace strategy aligned with BP global standards. We designed and delivered the new office, and brought in a specialist change management strategist to help staff with the transition – especially those moving from Wellington.

Spread across two floors, the result is a connected, functional space that challenges hierarchies and tradition and encourages cross-pollination of ideas and resources. To link the two floors, we installed a wide spiral staircase that forms a sculptural centrepiece and hub of interaction for the office.

Clients are welcomed in the lounge and Wildbean Cafe on the lower floor, while upstairs, an open plan layout puts all workers – even the executive team – on equal footing. We thoughtfully graduated the space so noise diminishes as you move from collaborative meeting tables to team workstations, to quiet rooms for private calls or focused work.

Organic materials, including black beech timber treads on the staircase, reference BP’s activity in harnessing raw resources, while detailing in the organisation’s corporate green is teamed with expanses of white for a fresh, inspiring feel.

Our team delivered the project within a tight timeframe. Its open and connected new work environment has boosted productivity and will help BP attract and retain top talent.

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Auckland, New Zealand








Auckland, New Zealand

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