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Carbon Black

Carbon Black’s new workplace invites the tech industry’s top talent to unleash its creativity and do its best, most satisfying work.

Carbon Black provides advanced server security solutions to more than 1,000 organisations worldwide. The firm’s new workplace addresses the divergent needs of distinct user groups through a meticulous balance of personal and collaborative space. Social sales teams were separated from more focused developers, whose stations facilitate both solitary work and collaboration between teams of 8 to 9 members. In turn, amenity spaces allow intense work phases to be interspersed with moments of relaxation.

Our designers articulated an ingenuous layout around an iconic skylight, which functions as a spine to the floorplan. Executive offices are positioned against the back windows to offer staff access to the best outdoor views. Interior offices and some workstations are arranged diagonally. This break from a rectilinear layout adds momentum to the floorplan and furthers unobstructed sightlines.

Aesthetically, our design hinges on purposeful details that communicate Carbon Black’s ideals of longevity, integrity and strength. Deceptively effortless gestures add layers of complexity to this seemingly understated space: light fixtures and the interplay of surfaces underscore the sophistication of this tech industry leader while a discreet sprinkler line painted red unifies the space like a single thread joining seams.

Our methodology allowed designers and construction professionals to explore design solutions in real time and with real pricing. This economy of time and added flexibility, both impossible through traditional design and delivery methods, translates to a physical space that captures Carbon Black’s business aspirations.

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Carbon Black



Waltham MA, USA





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Carbon Black,
Waltham, MA, USA

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