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Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific’s new Auckland home epitomises a warm, service-oriented company culture where people are paramount.

While Cathay Pacific was undergoing a global rebranding, the New Zealand team – a longstanding Unispace client – enlisted us to help with the strategy, design and delivery of their new office.

Cathay has always had a family feel – 85 per cent of employees have been with the company for more than six years. Keeping them happy was a priority, so we led a consultation process with the 25-strong team, starting with site analysis. 

Providing various fitout options for three potential sites, we helped them choose a CBD fringe location that met their objectives – ruling out a move to the airport after deciding it was likely to negatively impact staff retention.

With our proprietary SpaceData survey, we found the team was losing a concerning 116 hours a week due to office inefficiency. They were also concerned with having enough light and reducing unnecessary noise.

Our design resolved those problems and boosted productivity. Cathay’s new office space actively promotes collaboration, communication and socialisation. The design was driven by core company values of warmth and hospitality and a contemporary Asian concept.

Weekly meetings reassured Cathay that everything was going to schedule – and also let them be involved in every stage of the project.

Open, airy and light-filled, with a bright colour palette of light timber and white, the space includes plenty of communal space and break out areas. Acoustic control and technology integrated throughout liberate the team for a mix of focused and collaborative work. It’s not only a reflection of the Cathay brand – it’s also a space the close-knit family of staff loves to come to.

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Cathay Pacific



Auckland, New Zealand







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Cathay Pacific,
Auckland, New Zealand

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