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CPA, Auckland

The new CPA Auckland office operates as both a full-time, collaborative workplace for employees while functioning as a high-quality corporate event hosting space. This project is an addition to the existing partnership between CPA Australia and Unispace across Australasia.

The key challenge of the project was taking CPA’s brand guidelines from the Melbourne head office and translating them into a New Zealand context.

Unispace worked with the CPA Auckland team to identify and analyse potential properties in the Auckland CBD. We provided a building amenity and technical analysis to assess location and suitability for their requirements, including its critical function as an event destination. CPA host an active year-round event calendar for its professional network, therefore the new premise needed to be centrally located and accessible for members. The Aon Centre was selected following recommendation, lease negotiations and landlord scope agreements.

The design and delivery components were an international collaboration with teams working on fit-outs for Melbourne and Auckland concurrently. This required strong teamwork as programmes had to be aligned for when design phases were complete to enable our local designers to adapt the design according to the site. The design phase continued into construction with the project management team bringing in early subcontractor involvement to maintain cost certainty for CPA.

To achieve CPA Australia design standards, material continuity was highly important. This presented a challenge to the Auckland team as they needed to source suitable local New Zealand materials to deliver the project in alignment with the budget. Our Australia and New Zealand project teams worked tirelessly to achieve international parity on pricing while accommodating the local market rates in order to keep the project in line with budget expectations.

This CPA Auckland project successfully demonstrates the value of working with Unispace across multiple locations. The Auckland, Melbourne and Darwin projects are multifunctional, professional spaces that enable CPA to offer a high-quality hosting and workplace experience to members throughout Australasia.

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Auckland, New Zealand





Kitchen and cafe space at CPA Auckland office
Lobby entrance to CPA Auckland office
Closed meeting room and workspace at CPA Auckland office
Kitchen space at CPA Auckland office
Operable walls to open up event space at CPA Auckland office
CPA, Auckland, New Zealand

CPA, Auckland, New Zealand

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