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DoubleVerify and Unispace team up again to create a modern and bright space that’s is an extension of their other offices.

Working with a trusted partner to deliver DoubleVerify’s expansion 
DoubleVerify wanted to expand its real estate footprint in New York to accommodate its growing team. Having worked with us on their other SoHo location in the city, DoubleVerify knew our integrated approach was the right move to ensure we could complete the project on time, within budget, and without sacrificing on quality and vision. 

An integrated process that mitigates risk 
Because we had anof our existing partnership, we could jump in quickly, enabling us to be efficient from the beginning of the process. By having our design and construction teams at the table from the onset, we communicated seamlessly and developed a design that was within budget and could be built on time.

Together with DoubleVerify’s team, the site team, building management, and consultants, we mitigated potential risks and ensured seamless delivery of the new space. 

A space that reflects their established look-and-feel
The DoubleVerify team also wanted their new location to feel like an addition to their SoHo office. Since our team designed and delivered that space, we used the same millwork, branding, and furniture to create the same vibe and culture. 

The office layout includes:

  • Tech-enabled meeting rooms that overlook the city
  • An integrated café that breaks up the space for socializing and connecting
  • Various seating areas where staff can focus and relax


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New York, NY USA





Design: Elise Cuneo, Katie Buhl, Ann McCulley
Construction: Erik Loberg, Joe Vicari
Client Solutions: Damian Besculides


Vibrant graphics and thoughtfully place color accents relate to the other location and showcase the DoubleVerify brand.

DoubleVerify_coworking room_medium
DoubleVerify_open workspace_medium

DoubleVerify, NY

Reach out to Damian Besculides for projects in New York.