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An International Exploration and Production Company

Redefining a Global Workplace for an International Exploration and Production (E&P) Company to Foster Collaboration, Well-being, Brand Culture and Sustainability

An international E&P company with a global presence sought to establish a new workplace that aligned with its brand values and supported the evolving work patterns of its employees. To achieve this vision, the company engaged Unispace, a global leader in creating people-centric spaces, to craft a cutting-edge workplace that fulfilled four key objectives: Cultivating the company's identity, supporting hybrid office working, fostering collaboration and well-being, and unifying global design aesthetics while incorporating local characteristics.

Customizing the Workspace: Embracing the Essence of the Company

The project's foundation rested on in-depth discussions and consultations with the company's stakeholders. Unispace diligently gleaned insights into the company's ethos, preferences, and work culture. This comprehensive understanding formed the backbone of the design, ensuring it was tailored to the company's specific needs while reinforcing its core values. The workplace was envisioned as a functional and efficient space that promoted productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Unispace adeptly integrated the desired aesthetic style, accentuating the company's brand identity, all while ensuring compliance with budget constraints and regulatory requirements.

Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility: Maximizing Space and Sustainability

Unispace's design team worked meticulously to optimize the office layout, employing space-saving storage solutions and an open-plan design to accommodate the demands of a hybrid workforce. The company's commitment to sustainability found expression in various elements, including energy-efficient lighting systems utilizing LED technology and motion sensors, maximizing natural light, and minimizing energy consumption. Eco-friendly materials, featuring recycled content and sustainable finishes, graced the interior, while efficient HVAC systems were installed to reduce environmental impact and optimize energy usage. In embracing biophilic design, the workplace embraced greenery and natural elements, enriching air quality, reducing stress, and nurturing employee well-being. The implementation of robust waste management and recycling systems further demonstrated the company's dedication to environmental responsibility.

Innovative and Personalized Touches: Tailoring the Design for Distinction

The company's unique identity found vibrant expression through the integration of brand-specific elements across the workplace. Unispace masterfully incorporated the company's logo, colors, and other brand attributes into the interior design, reinforcing the company's values at every turn. Art installations, captivating murals, and carefully curated accessories were thoughtfully placed to reflect the company's mission and inspire creativity among employees. Unispace's ingenuity took it a step further by seamlessly blending hospitality and workplace environments. The resulting café space became a dynamic social hub, encouraging collaboration, relaxation, and casual interactions among employees. This harmonious amalgamation created a nurturing environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging among colleagues.

The successful collaboration between the international E&P company and Unispace culminated in the creation of a transformative global workplace. The reimagined workplace not only reflected the company's identity but also fortified its commitment to employee welfare, sustainability, and the celebration of diverse cultures. Through this journey, Unispace redefined the possibilities of workplace design, setting a new standard for international exploration and production industry worldwide.


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An International Exploration and Production Company





August, 2023



Strategy, Design and Build 



Finbarr Fallon


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International Exploration and Production Company

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