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Like Experian’s approach to credit reporting, we leveraged technology and data to create a new workplace that is welcoming and refined. The 2019 IIDA NE award-winning space is all about connecting employees and visitors to the company’s global identity.

Experian uses data to create opportunities for consumers, business and society. When they partnered with us for design to relocate from their existing building, we knew that our digital integration uniBIM process would work perfectly to create a space that gives them room to grow and where they can connect with clients to showcase their global brand.

We created a smart virtual model of their new space and rapidly iterated design variations.Together, we were quickly able to find the best solution for their goals and budget. The project was completed entirely using TI dollars so we saved costs by reusing existing workstations, while skillfully incorporating lighting and art to create focal points throughout the office.

Statement light fixtures add energy to the café, giant Hush lights help with acoustics in the open collaboration zones and accent lighting in the waiting area adds sophistication to create a residential feel.

To further bring in a local context, ArtLifting, an organization that commissions art from artists that are impacted by homelessness or disability, provided focal art throughout.

Overall, the space is designed to evoke a refined coffee bar vibe, it features solid wood floors in the corridors and a wooden trellis that connects the lobby to the café. Windows are framed in blue to bring color into the open workspace and pay homage to the blues in Experian’s logo.

Experian’s old office lacked meeting spaces so we designed a variety of meeting options for staff and visitors. The café booths give employees a space to eat lunch, work away from their desks or host informal meetings; open collaboration zones provide touchdown spaces for meetings that don’t need to happen behind closed doors; and enclosed conference rooms and phone rooms give privacy when needed.

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Boston MA, USA






Boston, MA, USA

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