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​FB Rice

Top tier Australian Intellectual Property firm, FB Rice, champions innovation and adopts new ways of working to inform future workspaces, starting with their new office in Brisbane.

FB Rice breaks away from tradition to create a new way of working for staff and a space to support client interactions

FB Rice engaged Unispace to develop a national workplace strategy and, with a lease expiry imminent in Brisbane, to design and build their new office at Waterfront Place. The strategy focused on four essential themes – welcoming, contemporary, nurturing and giving back to staff – to develop an efficient, effective, and expressive FB Rice workplace nationally while meeting local requirements. 

Following a strategy workshop, Unispace developed national guiding principles with the flexibility to tailor to local nuances, progressive and innovative ways of working, staff and client experience and engagement, and allowing for future growth.

In Brisbane, FB Rice adopted a new office layout to achieve a functional and social outcome, catering to the local team’s needs and business requirements.  

Innovative thinking results in a progressive, connected, collaborative workspace

A key motivator of the new workspace was the desire to enhance the user experience with a sophisticated space that delivered on connectivity and collaboration, while challenging the traditional professional services firm office hierarchy and front and back of house space uses.

The new Brisbane front of house comprises a large open-plan workspace dedicated to achieving a more fluid collegial operating environment. The inviting arrival area leverages extensive views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge and creates a lasting impression.

A flexible town hall space with a kitchen, breakout area, and boardroom connects via an operable wall. This socially orientated approach encourages client relationship development and is a significant change in working for the firm.

Agile working was adopted, replacing traditional dedicated offices with varied quiet, and open plan work zones.

The dining bar features power and USB ports, and connectivity to the back of house creates a seamless transition between areas achieving synergies between work and social spaces.

A ‘quiet carriage’ room with four desks allows employees to work within teams or individually in a quieter contemplative setting.

A contemporary, modern feel is emphasized by clean lines, warm timbers, soft greys, earthy tones, and black accents, which complement the stunning views.

Unparalleled confidence and trust deliver new workplace

The new FB Rice Brisbane office provides a leading, collaborative and collegial workspace for employees, clients, and their business.

Consistent communication between Unispace and FB Rice throughout the project, together with the clients trust in the design team, allowed for efficient turnaround times regarding finishes selections and decision making.

Unispace leveraged local trade and supplier relations to successfully deliver the project on time and on budget, overcoming ongoing labor and supply shortages. 

The new workspace supports staff working collectively or independently in focus pods, it is designed to suit users’ needs and leads their new ways of working. FB Rice Brisbane staff have enthusiastically returned to the office enjoying the new work and social environment and taking in the spectacular Brisbane views.

The national guiding principles and Brisbane office pave the way for all future FB Rice workplace requirements, fostering an enhanced culture, brand, and client experience. 

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FB Rice



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FB Rice Kitchen area with view
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FB Rice Reception Area
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