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Fortinet sought to deepen the partnership with Unispace further by embarking upon a project together in Madrid.

Following the completion of two previous projects and a thriving relationship with Unispace’s Italian team, Fortinet sought to deepen the partnership with Unispace further by embarking upon a project together in Madrid. At the time of approaching Unispace about the project, Fortinet’s team in the Spanish capital was housed in office space split across two levels, which no longer served the business from a culture point of view, or in terms of accommodating future growth.

The project brief
In Madrid, Unispace’s success in fulfilling Fortinet’s requirements would be measured against three key areas, the first of which to create a space on a single floor plate that not only accommodated the existing team, but one that would also accommodate future growth and retain talent. Through the adoption of a single space approach, the space would also need to function in a way that would foster greater interaction and a strengthening of bonds between the various disciplines that occupy the space. Finally, the space would need to reflect the brand, creating an atmosphere that would be immediately identifiable as Fortinet and in which team members could unite around a common purpose. 

Design approach
Thanks to the already well established relationship that existed between Fortinet and Unispace, the blueprint for the design had long been established. The task for the design team at Unispace would be to apply the principles of the design approach that had previously been compiled (by the Unispace team in Milan) and apply it, with a Spanish twist, to the space at Avenida de Europa 19, Alcobendas. Fortinet’s project team provided Unispace with a very clear vision of the design outcome that they were anticipating and as such, the relationship with Unispace on this project was very much client lead, as opposed to one of guidance (owing largely to the fact that this project arose out of the success of previous collaborations). The end goal as envisioned by Fortinet and Unispace was one that adopted a predominantly neutral aesthetic, incorporating colours chosen from the company’s brand palette to add visual interest. Timber elements and finishes were incorporated into the communal spaces and canteen are to build a more homely feel with the intention of creating spaces in which the teams at Fortinet’s would want to spend time collaboratively and socially, alongside all of the facilities to conduct independent focus work efficiently.

The space itself was divided into two areas with the intention of creating a distinction between client facing spaces and those which would be used by the team for day-to-day work activities. Areas designated to the wider team include a variety of spatial typologies, including focus and collaborative spaces, drawing upon Unispace’s “Propeller” approach to workspace organization.

Post-completion, Fortinet in Madrid has expressed to the Unispace teams how happy they are with the space that they have inherited. The two teams emerge from this project journey with the relationship strengthened and opportunities for further shared experiences on the horizon.

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Madrid, Spain






Pernod Ricard


Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
For Fortinet in Madrid, the design team at Unispace in Spain drew upon its network of local contacts to assist with the procurement of furniture from local suppliers and manufacturers. The incorporation of furniture in Fortinet’s secondary brand colours (mostly blues, with some burgundy) adds a local touch that incorporating Spanish design and innovation into the space, with which team members will interact on a daily basis.


Fortinet’s project in Madrid ran very smoothly both from a project management and implementation perspective. The construction phase, spanning only a month and a half, was free of any complex obstacles or issues thanks to the meticulous work of our pre-construction teams, the experience and knowledge of our construction leads and the skill of the teams on the ground, without whom such expedited delivery would not have been possible.


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