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Global Medical Device Company

Global Medical Device Company’s new Bogota space creates a branded experience for staff.

Designing for fun and flexibility

For over 90 years, our client has been a driving force in the healthcare industry, alleviating pain and improving the quality of life for people around the world. With over 17,000 employees and 31 offices worldwide, they’re focused on fostering a progressive culture of evolution and innovation.

Having expanded their footprint in Bogota, Columbia, they needed a new space to support growth and attract talent. Their workspace needed to be fun and bright with flexible spaces, active colors, plants and greenery, and access to natural light.

Creating an open and active space

Having worked with this client before, the Unispace team used the global design guidelines previously created to design an environment that gave subtle nods to their brand through clean lines, modern finishes, and thoughtful accents of pinks, blues, and greens.

To meet the needs of different departments working in the space, we used a neighborhood workstyle and included a variety of space types including open collaboration areas,

meeting rooms, and focus spaces to support their work modes and functions. We created pathways for organic connections through a custom-built staircase, and socialization areas like a multipurpose café, integrated pantry, and an outdoor terrace. Planters strategically placed throughout the neighborhoods provide access to greenery and add natural ambiance.

Overcoming obstacles to meet the client's vision

Throughout the project we navigated the impact of Covid-19 shutdowns and supply chain hurdles on timeline, budget, and client expectations. We creatively solved to ensure their vision was met and an elevated employee experience was delivered to their team.

From our One Team approach and good working relationship with the OPM and local architect, we delivered an experiential work environment that supports the client’s brand and culture, and business goals. They are happy with the space, and staff have been enjoying the new areas for socializing.

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Global Medical Device Company



Bogota, Columbia








Global medical device company open meeting area
Global medical device company meeting room, huddle room, windows
Global medical device company conference room
Global medical device company open workspace with biophilia and windows
Global medical device company workspace next to kitchen
Global medical device company work space with biophilia, open space
Global medical device company work space by stairs
Global medical device company terrace seating

Global Medical Device Company,
Bogota, Columbia

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